Illinois Class of 2015: For comparison’s sake

Comparing and contrasting to the more familiar or to the past is a recruiting epidemic. You can tell how fruitless the exercise is when the recruit himself is asked, “People have compared your game to blah blah blah, would you say that’s accurate?” and the answer is almost always, “I’m not trying to be anybody else, I just play my game.” So why do recruiting comparisons fuel such attention, and why is it just so much fun to argue about them?

How we remember the 2015 recruits will depend more on their success together and what they become years from now, so whatever shell we put on them today they’re bound to grow out of. Is Michael Finke more Robbie Hummel, Bill Cole, or now that he’s 6-10 and 235 pounds, is he more Jack Ingram? Is Leron Black going to be the new Roger Powell Jr., and is that 6-7 listing with shoes or without?

Yes, I maintain the comparisons are fruitless, but because it’s just so much fun to be redundantly useless in recruiting speculation, I’m breaking out every incoming kid from 2015 into three categories for you Illini fans: Which Illini player of the recent past do they most closely resemble, which Big Ten player do they remind me of, and which NBA player most closely resembles the recruit’s finished product, or the ceiling? Continue Reading →

Illini roster ready for unveiling

At this point in the fall, any self-respecting Illini fan has been dripping with hoops anticipation for weeks. Most (if not all) have Google-searched and Illinois-Loyalty lurked their way into dozens of ideas about this team and this season. But what’s interesting is no matter the level of dedication and research, it’s tough to find two people in agreement about where Illinois stands in relation to the Big Ten Conference, and what it’s capable of come March. So far all we have to go on is the Illini All-In open practice, but tonight is opening night (of sorts), and player-by-player we’ll have a lot more to support any outrageous educated guess.

For the first time of the Groce era, Illinois possesses a team with the depth and skill to put his vision to work. Don’t jump the gun; this isn’t the premium model of his (and our) dreams, but it’s certainly much more complete than his first two years. If you throw away last year’s hodgepodge of misfit toys (no offense to the roster, but it was scorched earth after Weber’s likeness was removed with fire), this team compares favorably to year one of the Groce era.

D.J. Richardson and Brandon Paul were very good players in 2012-2013, but still both shot under 40% from the field and 34.8% and 33.3% respectively from 3. Very modest prognostication suggests this year’s roster could have four or five players exceed the shooting numbers of the two best from that year. Year one finished a Shane Larkin shot away from a Sweet 16, and if you’re telling me on paper this team is deeper and more skilled, then what is this year’s ceiling? Well, I don’t know yet. But I know how I’ll figure that out.

Tonight Illinois opens with its first and only exhibition against Quincy. Although the Illini will outclass its opponent at every position, it’s still possible to start extracting details about where this team will land. Here is what I’ll be watching for from each player. (For the purpose of this exercise, and to avoid sounding like I’m degrading any walk-ons, I’m going to stick with guys that could get minutes in February. And to avoid tipping my hat before ever seeing a live game, I’ll work up in seniority order.) Continue Reading →

Beckman’s immediate future should hinge on homecoming effort

Mike Thomas is doing his best Bond Villain impression. Instead of cutting ties with Tim Beckman quickly like the yank of a Band-Aid, he’s got Beckman tied to a conveyor belt heading towards a buzz saw. I can’t imagine a scenario where Beckman wiggles off and escapes the unemployment line, but I can understand Thomas evaluating whether firing a coach mid-season is in the best interests of Illinois Football moving forward. This week in particular, homecoming against Minnesota (6-1), should provide Thomas with all the evidence he needs for either decision. Continue Reading →

No Brunson, no problem

brunsonpoy-PPN-032113-2.jpgJalen Brunson decided to take his talents to Philly this afternoon, choosing to play basketball for the Villanova Wildcats, resulting in yet another second place finish for the Illini. I know it hurts, but this might just be a huge blessing in disguise. So put down that glass of Drano you were about to drink and just hear me out.


It was widely reported that star Kimball (TX) point guard Jawun Evans (@Hungry_humble0) had an excellent official visit to campus on September 5-7, one weekend after Brunson visited.

He made plenty of comments on Twitter and he was even retweeting some of the fans.

So what does this have to do with Brunson and how does this help ease the pain of yet another recruiting snub? Well, if the Illini can land Evans, they are still getting a solid point guard for Coach Groce’s system and there is a possibility they can get a package deal with another big recruit, 6’9″ Lancaster (TX) PF Elijah Thomas (@edotcash).

Both Evans and Thomas have been open about the possibility of playing together while Evans and Brunson playing together is off of the table.

So maybe this snub is all just a blessing in disguise. Of course it’s possible that the Illini end up with none of them. I guess in that case, drink up.**

**Editor’s note: Don’t drink Drano. You will probably die.

Darius Paul suspended for entire season

After a relatively quiet start to the basketball off-season, Tuesday brought some rather shocking news. Western Michigan transfer Darius Paul, who sat out last year due to NCAA regulations and was planning to play for the Illini in 2014-15, has been suspended for the entirety of the upcoming season. And that means banned from everything. No practice, no team meetings, no attending games on the bench, nothing. The official statement on the suspension from head coach John Groce is below:

“After a thorough review of Darius’ year, which includes multiple transgressions, I am suspending Darius from all team-related activities for the entire 2014-15 season. As head coach, my concerns are always what is best for the University of Illinois, what is best for the men’s basketball program, and what is best for our student-athletes as people. I feel this penalty is necessary to help Darius as a person. We will continue to support him through this process.”  Continue Reading →

Game Film Breakdown: Iowa

It feels really good to beat Iowa. In Iowa City. At the buzzer. On Iowa’s Senior Night. The only thing that could’ve possibly made a win like that any better was if it were against the Hoosiers. But don’t get me wrong, I hate the Hawkeyes too. Perhaps the most gratifying part of reviewing the tape from this game was after the Jon Ekey three, when Ray Rice took a nice, long stride down the baseline past the Iowa student section as if to say, “Yep. We just beat you at the buzzer. Suck it.” Look at all those unhappy Hawkeye fans with their hands over their heads!


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Game Film Breakdown: February

Hello there, Illini Nation. Long time no see. You might wonder why I haven’t published a Game Film Breakdown in just under two months. And my rebuttal would simply be: well, the Illini were averaging about 0.88 points per possession during their long losing streak, the first time that has happened since 2009. In short, nobody could hit the broad side of a barn with the basketball during the month of January, and there was really no point in creating a two-paragraph post. But enough apologizing and excuse making; I sound like coach Tom Izzo.  Continue Reading →

Charles Matthews to Kentucky


In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, Charles Matthews committed to Kentucky earlier this morning. This isn’t a crushing loss for the Illini. They have D.J. Williams and Aaron Jordan sealed up, but it is another in-state five-star recruit lost to the Blue Bloods. Just more proof that Coach John Groce has more work to do if he is going to be able to land the top in-state recruits. I think he will get there. A better season on the court would’ve helped and there is no doubt the State Farm Center renovations will eventually make a big difference. If Groce can’t land recruits after the renovations are over, it is time to panic.