Illini Drinking Game: 2015 Basketball edition™

It’s that time again! I can say that we have watched enough Illini basketball to make a proper drinking game for the 2015 season. We had a lot of fun with last year’s and even got some media buzz. So without further ado, here is the 2015 edition.


Illini Beer

  • You must be 21 or older to play…legally.
  • You can drink any kind of alcohol you want, but we highly suggest beer. You might be drinking a lot. If you drink liquor you might die.
  • Please don’t drink and drive


  • If Stephen Bardo is calling the game, Drink 3 in a sign of respect to the ’89 Flyin’ IlliniScreen-Shot-2014-12-20-at-2.06.51-PM
  • Throwbacks?!? That’s a shot.
  • Bobblehead Day!!


  • We missed you Rev, our bad. Drink 2.
  • James Augustine night, Drink 3.
  • Luther Head night, Drink 4.
  • Deron Williams night, Drink 5.
  • Dee Brown night, Drink 11.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Kentucky at Illinois


  • Orange Blazer, Drink 3.

During game

  • Grab your beer of liquor of choice, pop the top, and pour out a little bit for Rayvonte Rice. We miss ya.
  • 1355244780_20110428-EAZYEIf Nnanna Egwu wins the tip Drink 1. If he loses, Drink 2.
  • Aaron Cosby shoots a three. If he makes it Drink 1. Normal miss? Drink 2. Flat shot, bricks front of rim, Drink 3.

  • Cosby doesn’t finish at rim. Drink 2.
  • Jaylon Tate hits a jumper. Drink 1.
  • Bench player from other team buries a three, Drink 2. Never heard of the guy, Drink 4. Has career game? Drink 10.


  • You say to yourself, “We really need Rice,” Drink 2.
  • Malcolm Hill heat check goes in, Drink 2.
  • Hill takeover starts (two straight baskets), Drink 2. Drink 1 for every point over 18.




  • Kendrick Nunn gets hot. Drink 1 for every point over 18. As a bonus, Drink 3 for every corner 3 he makes.
  • Simeon connection, Tate to Nunn, Drink 2. If it is an alley-oop, Drink 5.
  • Egwu bobbles pass, rebound, or loose ball. Drink 2. #NnannaHands
  • Maverick Morgan or Austin Colbert checks into the game. Drink 1 for each. Drink 1 for every point or foul either player has.
  • If any player gets called for a foul by setting a moving screen, Drink 2.
  • Egwu steps over the line guarding the inbounds pass. Drink 1.
  • Ahmad Starks shoots three, Drink 1. If he makes it Drink 2. If done without a pass, +1. If done before five seconds has run off the shot clock, +1. If he is fading away or off balance +1.


  •  Leron Black blatant or flagrant foul? Drink 3.
  • CBK_201411161826664109688-P5_0Egwu block, Drink 1 for each.

Illlinois v. Missouri

  • Illini win! Finish your drink. Get on Twitter and bask in the glory.
  • Illini lose. Finish your drink. If Illini were up by 10 or more with less than 10 minutes left, open another and drink it all. Get on Twitter and fix all of the problems.

That’s all we could come up with. If you have any to add, tweet us @TheIlliniNation or leave us a comment below. We might even add it in. Thanks to @Einsane for helping out with the rules.



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