Illini Drinking Game: Basketball edition


Illini Beer

  • You must be 21 or older to play…legally.
  • You can drink any kind of alcohol you want, but we highly suggest beer. You might be drinking a lot. If you drink liquor you might die.
  • Please don’t drink and drive


  • Turn on TV, computer, iPad or whatever you are watching the game on. If the game is on BTN and you happen to see Tim Doyle, Drink Two for Kendall Gill. If Dick Vitale is announcing your game, Drink FIve. You will need it.

During game

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Kentucky at Illinois

  • If Groce is wearing the orange jacket, Drink Five.
  • If Groce is wearing a normal jacket, Drink Two if he takes it off.
  • If Dustin Ford is not wearing a jacket, Drink One (he never wears one).
  • If the referee make a terrible call, scream at your TV and promptly Drink One.
  • If the referee happens to be Ted Valentine, Drink Three for every horrible call.


  • When Rayvonte Rice makes a spectacular move in the lane, Drink One.
  • When the announcers say that Rice lost 30 lbs in the off season, Drink Five. That’s right FIVE.
  • When Joe Bertrand jumps over everything, Drink One.
  • Alley-oop, Drink Three. If the alley-oop is to Bertrand, see above rule and Drink One.

  • For every Maverick Morgan or Austin Colbert foul, Drink One. If the announcers talk about why he is named “Maverick” Drink Three.
  • For every three pointer Nnanna Egwu takes, Drink Three. If he makes it, Drink Four.
  • If someone comments on how Tracy Abrams is a great leader or says something like he is an extension of Coach Groce on the floor, Drink Five.

Groce Face 2

  • Groce face. Drink One for each.
  • For each former Illini shown in attendance, including Lou Henson, Drink One. If it is Nick Anderson, finish your beer. If we would have made this up last week against Penn State, you probably would have been feeling great for the second half.
  • For every three Jon Ekey shoots, Drink One. If he makes it, Drink Two. If the announcers say that Coach Groce called him the best three point shooter he has coached at Illinois, Drink Five. 


  • If Mike La Tulip checks in, the game is likely in hand. Finish your beer. If he shoots a three, open another beer and Drink One. If he makes the three, finish your beer. You only have to do this once.
  • If Coach Groce says “toughness” or “togetherness” Drink One. If he says them together, Drink Five.
  • If the Illini win, Drink full beer. Call into WDWS postgame and predict Final Four run.  
  • If the Illini lose, Drink two full beers. Call into WDWS postgame and scream about how the refs screwed Illinois and try and make the hosts feel as uncomfortable as possible.

We can always add more! Leave some suggestions in the comments and if they are good enough, maybe we will change the official rules. Make sure you have enough beer for the Wisconsin game on Wednesday, I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of “Groce face.”



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